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Metalbox Recordings confirms their latest signing Soldierfield

Metalbox Recordings are very pleased to confirm their latest signing Soldierfield

Band Review - Shakesbeard

An up and coming local band here in southern Japan, Shakesbeard really rocked it  on 5/5 Cinco De Mayo, yes, Cinco de Mayo in Japan and hard rockers got together and, well, do what hard rockers do.  Check a little bit about the band here but most of all, check them out live!

CD Release: David Ralston "I Don

David Ralston
David—all guitar & vocals

I Don’t Care -- (23:04) -- (2012) – Okinawa, Japan --
1.    I Don’t Care
2.    Woke Up Loving You
3.    Low Down Dirty Ways
4.    Today’s Got Me Down
5.    GDSOB
6.    Laugh To Keep From Crying
7.    Johnny Cash Song
8.    How Do I Stop The Pain
9.    You Don’t Deserve Me
10.    Going Down To Die


David Ralston Band and Run It To Ground Team Up and Showcase New CD's

Guaranteed to be an awesome show, The David Ralston Band and Run It To Ground (Run-G) will be performing at Club Fujiyamas April 21, 2012.

The DRB will be showcasing their latest compilation "I Don't Care" and Run-G will be showcasing last year's "Persona".

David Ralston is considered one of the best guitarist living in Japan and has garnered a huge following since arriving in Japan in the early 90's.

Run-G is a trio of Okinawan females who've been performing on Okinawa for the past few years and have become widely known as the island's main all girl band.

David Ralston to Rock Mid Island March 31

The King of OkiRock will be knocking the mid-Island of Okinawa at Ishikawa's "Back In Time", located directly across from Ishikawa port, in Shirahama, Ishikawa.

DR will obviously be show casing his latest work "I Don't Care", which is a real knock-you-off-your-feet Rock. Hard, yet bluesy, Heavy, yet soulful.

Back In Time is located in Ishikawa, Uruma-City, Okinawa, Japan. We have a darts game and Karaoke in the lounge and private party room in the other side. Contact me if you are interested in playing at BiT! We are located just off the Ishikawa circle on the ocean side frontage road in front of the Ishikawa sea port, 7th floor of the River Stone Hill building. TEL:098-965-5718

CD Review Agents of Karma

Agents of Karma
Jay Cavanaugh--Bass & Vocal
Conrad Sparnroft--Guitar & Vocal
Patrick (Paddymike) Conlon--drums
     Shockra -- Alternative / Hard Rock / Progressive Rock-- (2011) – Produced by Mario Salvati  

Read Here

Rock Hard Menu for Hard Rockers

For those of us who have been frequenting Fujiyamas, we have had up until now just food of thought by the usual philosophers... Now, new Fujiyamas owner Thomas has recruited much sort after master rock chef, Bill, to whip up some good honest rocking grub for hard rocking audiences.

Demo Nande provided classic rock sounds for the start of the venture, Wednesday Feb 8th.

Fujiyamas to Re-open

Fujiyamas, the defacto White House of rock in Japan has changed ownership.

Club will re-open from Friday the 13th with a month filled of hard hitting live rock...  be sure to check their schedule  on Facebook

Fujiyamas To Change Hands

Dec 29, Naha, Japan

Since the mid 90's, Club Fujiyamas has been the de facto  capital of Rock music in Japan. Virtually, any band that has any following in Japan, has most likely performed live here. As of this month, ownership is to change.

Since the mid 90's, Fujiyamas has had live rock and metal bands, blossoming such bands as 2 Sided Brain, Wrath of Eidola, Run it to the Ground, Fake Kingz, F.O.D, Giro Chin, Roach, and has held numerous bands from mainland Japan as well as from abroad.

While not confirmed, according the street speak, Fujiyamas is to stay the same; time will confirm.

In the mean time, Fujiyamas will have a party this Friday, Dec 30th.  It will be both a closing and a grand opening.

Until then, Rock On

Breaking News Fake Kingz - 1st Album "Born Here" to be released

Fake Kingz  This is gonna be loud!  Natives of Japan's rock capital, Okinawa, will finally, after much anticipation, will release their first album - "Born Here".

Its said to be available from 1/25... If you rock and if you are in Japan, this will be a must have.

CD Review: Roach

Title: Breed of the Sun
By: Roach

Roach CD Review
Roach - Breed of the Sun

Heavy Metal

9 songs plus one bonus track
Release year: 2012

This band rocks, hands down! I caught this band live on two occasions and both times I was impressed. If you are a fan of Japanese rock and metal, you need to add this one to your collection.

WRATH OF EIDOLA - The Awakening

Title: The Awakening

WOE CD Review
WRATH OF EIDOLA - The Awakening

Heavy Metal

10 songs plus one bonus track
Release year: 2011

If you’re located in southern Japan, and if you're a metal head, you've most likely have heard of Wrath of Eidola. More

Foget the Sound of Fighter Jets, Okinawa is Gonna Hear the Loudest Sounds Nov 13th

No pun intended, but this November 13th, Okinawa will host a Guinness Book of Records' level loudness when Okinawa's own Wrath of Eidola teams up with Japanese Metal Pioneers Loudness at Salt and Peppers Club in Chatan, Okinawa. The sound that is to come out will dwarf that of the much complained about fighter jets over US Air Force Kadena Air Base but at least much more welcomed.

Nine Ideas CD Release

2011.10.26 Nine Ideas CD Release
2011.11.23 On sale NINE IDEAS 1st Full Album Titile : Thanks Giving incl, 13 tracks 2,000 yen (without tax)

Wrath of Eidola New CD Release

Okinawa Japan based heavy metal band.. heavy, hard, thundering metal... buy now Click on pic

Rocktoberfest Day 1

What do you get when you have a beach, a stage, a great line up of hard rocking bands, all on a US special forces base?